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10 solid digitalization policies Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

The vice president of the republic of Ghana has now gain a name, Dr. Digital due to the digital development in the country now, prior to the party coming to power in 2016, most off our institution where not digitalized, leading to corruption in all our institution.

The vice president will be speaking on the digitalization agender in their regime from 2017 to now, and the achievements gain in the country in Ashesi university come more.

Ten (10) solid digitalization policies Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia introduced in Transforming Ghana’s economy.

1. Paperless Port Clearing System – Revolutionized the use of the port for clearing, increased turnaround time and boosted Government revenue collected at the port.

2. Zipline Drone Delivery – Through this intervention, critical medical supplies are distributed to remote and rural health facilities quickly.

3. Paperless and Contactless renewal of NHIS Cards – Through this, one card apply for and renew his/her national health insurance card with so much ease. Taking away the stress of forming queues and spending hours at the NHIS premises just to renew a card.

4. Digitized Driver & Vehicle License Application.

5. Digitized Passport Application.

6. ECG Mobile App – For buying and paying for electricity prepaid credits.

7. National Digital Property Addressing System .

8. Mobile Money Interoperability.

9. Digitized Lands Commission Processes.

10. Reinforced National ID cards.

Source|osimpamfm.com|Richard Owusu Tawiah

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