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2 villages burnt to ashes as Mamprusi and Gonja tribes clash

A violent clash between the Mamprusi and Gonja tribes at dawn in the villages of Lukula and Nyoagbini in the North Gonja District has resulted in the burning down of two villages, with some residents fleeing to nearby communities for refuge.

According to myjoyonline.com, the latest outbreak of violence could be traced to renewed tension between two tribal groups. There have been violent clashes between them since the creation of the new regions.

It is reported that there have been some casualties from the violence, and some locals of the affected areas have been fleeing to communities in the West Mamprusi municipality.

“On Wednesday, five individuals who arrived in Janga near Walewale reported that Gonja warriors from Daboya reportedly stormed the village and ordered all Mamprusis to leave immediately or face dire consequences.

“The tension resurfaced on Tuesday, June 30 when reports emerged that the Mamprusi side had sent warriors to prevent the arrival of a rival chief from Daboya,” myjoyonline.com reports.

The North East Regional Minister, Yidana Zakaria is reported as saying that there was a National Security warning to the two tribes on June 30 to withdraw their warriors from the villages.

However, both feuding factions did not heed the caution, hence a team of police officers deployed to the area arrested several people and seized 10 motorbikes.

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