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Monday, December 4, 2023
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    22-Year-Old Woman Escapes Ritual Murder

    A 22-year-old woman has escaped ritual murder at Twifo Praso in the Central Region after a woman she was understudying as an apprentice in fashion design sent her on an errand.

    The 22-year lady was reported to be sent by her Madam, who was identified as Delah Fegah, popularly referred to as Mama to deliver some clothes to a client.

    According to reports, Mama asked her brother, Nicholas who has an okada to drop off the lady at the client’s house, but on their way, Nicholas rode past the location where they were to deliver the clothes and the lady prompted Nicholas that he’s past where they are to deliver the items.

    But Nicholas brushed off the lady’s concerns and continued the Journey whilst asking the lady if she was on her period or pregnant to which the lady answered in the negative.

    Eventually, the motorbike pulled over near the Twifo Praso Nursing College to the house of the founder of the Israel House Chapel, Osomafo Emmanuel Ahwoi, and to the surprise of the young lady, there stood five other strong men purported to be brothers of her Madam, Delali.

    According to reports, the lady started crying upon seeing her Madam’s brothers carrying her into a dark room with colorful lighted candles and they positioned her in the middle of the lighted candles, then Osomafo Emmanuel in the presence of all brothers of Delali commenced the rituals.

    According to the victim, she started screaming at the top of her voice after the pastor started pouring a powderlike substance on her and eventually, they released her.

    According to the victim, after she made her way to her Madam and narrated the incident to her, she was not perturbed but rather disclosed to her that, she was aware of the rituals and that was a result of gold her family had discovered and they needed a human sacrifice to be able to get hold of the gold because it kept appearing and disappearing but after consultations it was concluded that a human sacrifice was needed and they concluded on her.

    After that encounter with Madam Delali, the victim went to report the incident to her family who subsequently reported the issue to the police but was told to resort to the traditional rulers for judgment because the incident was a spiritual one.

    The family then reported the incident to the Twifo Kayereko Palace of Nana Kofi Nsiako IV, who demanded some sheep and other items to appease the gods and the soul of the victim.

    It is reported that the final cleansing will take place today 9th April, 2023.

    The people of the town jubilated and poured powder on the lady for surviving the incident.

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