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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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    A/R: KTI sacks 500 students over misconduct

    The Kumasi Technical Institute in the Ashanti Region has expelled some students for misconduct and violation of school rules.

    This action by the school authorities follows a rampage that happened on May, 17 causing damages to the school’s properties

    Management of the Institute has, however, not provided further information on the matter but only said they took action to instill discipline in the school.

    An official report of their actions has been sent to the Technical and Vocational Education Training Directorate for the appropriate action.

    Subsequently, the students have been asked to pack their luggage out of the dormitories and will be made to face the school’s disciplinary committee when they are recalled.

    Parents and guardians of the affected students are expected to be informed of new development concerning the dismissal by school authorities.

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