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    Agyapa Royalty will be in the Interest of the Nation – Ken Ofori Atta

    Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta has considered the Agyapa Royalty Deal as the best for the country, said all the necessary consultations will be done before it is submitted to the House.

    Mr. Ofori Atta said: “You must continue with the work that has been done following the theme of the budget ‘Continuity, Consolidation and Completion’ and address and overcome all the concerns against the Agyapa transaction, so we can go to the market and create the first mineral royalty company in Ghana and in Africa because it is good for Ghana.”

    “The Attorney General has looked at it. We had a few stakeholder meetings, and I think the new board should be energised to review that and go through the parliamentary process.

    I’m unequivocal that it is the way to go in terms of monetising our minerals and finding a way to leverage mining.”

    The Agyapa Royalty deal was proposed by the government last year to raise funds through minerals royalties for key infrastructure projects, but could not be passed after stakeholders rejected the deal.

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