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Alexander Afenyo-Markin: The Man of Today Who was Forged by his Battles Yesterday

ALEXANDER KWAMENA AFENYO-MARKIN; The Man of Today Who was Forged by his Battles Yesterday

While it is safe describing his rise to his current position, the Majority Leader, as meteoric, it is also important to note that Afenyo-Markin did not get to this point on a golden platter.

Listening to him on the floor of Parliament whilst delivering his acceptance speech, Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin bulldozed his way to his present position facing challenges that appeared insurmountable, obstacles which had every intention of overwhelming him. He drove through trials, tribulations, stages that nearly dictated to him to give up. He recounts the ups and downs, the insuperable odds that life threw his direction, especially, in his political journey.

He contested and won in the primaries to contest in Effutu on the ticket of the NPP but was denied the right to file his nomination because, his constituency leaders said he was too young. This was a travesty of justice, but he did not abandon the party or his dreams. Four years later, out of 44 delegates, he got 22 and the then incumbent had 22. They resorted to the use of rough tactics to eliminate him from the race. He never gave up.

He had a dream, and nothing could prevent him from realizing it. When he won in the primaries to lead the NPP in 2012, his party’s leadership in Effutu had little faith in him, but he proved them wrong in the elections as he won against Mike Hammah of the NDC. He talked about his struggles in the early years of his parliamentary journey.

With the tutoring of some key figures in Parliament, he gained confidence and the rest, we say, is history. He simply persevered through the difficulties he came across. Those challenges strengthened him, toughened him, led him to stardom, and now, has been elevated to the position of Majority Leader. The young has really grown through thick and thin.

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