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    Ban on celebrity alcohol endorsement poses challenges for sponsorships – Ola Michael

    The ban on celebrities endorsing alcoholic beverages in Ghana has been met with criticism from members of the entertainment industry.

    The Supreme Court heard a case challenging the Food and Drugs Authority’s (FDA) regulation on Wednesday, November 15.

    Entertainment pundit Ola Michael and other industry players have shared divergent opinions on the issue, expressing concerns about the challenges the ban poses for celebrity endorsements in the industry. During a conversation on the weekly UTV Showbiz Night, Michael suggested that there could be more effective regulatory measures to control alcohol advertisements and their societal impact.

    He pointed out that the FDA’s measures have created obstacles for the industry in terms of seeking sponsorship for events, given the stringent rules.

    Michael stated, “The measures laid by the FDA in regulating alcoholic advertisement have not only affected the artists but also had a strain on sponsorship seeking from these beverage brands. Unfortunately, the FDA is missing the point because young folks are abusing energy drinks even to alcohol they are talking about.”

    He urged the regulatory body to critically review these developments and consider better control measures to guide such advertisements while also raising awareness among the public.

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