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    Better get serious as an Opposition Party – P. K. Sarpong

    The opposition National Democratic Congress has the penchant for making tenuous arguments instead of expending much attention on important issues.

    They have held a press conference with the focus on the hikes in the prices of petroleum products which have have given rise to increase in goods and services.

    They are virtually blaming the Akufo-Addo administration over these price increases, saying the administration is insensitive to the plights of Ghanaians.

    The NDC cannot compete with the NPP on economic management. The NPP has done far better than the NDC in this field. Let’s look at how fuel prices have behaved over the past few years.

    Cumulative Percentage Increase in Petroleum Prices Petrol Diesel from Mill to Akuffo Addo administration

    1. Mills Administration: 2009 – 2012 82.7% 75.0%

    2. Mahama Administration: 2013 – 2016 91.9% 89.2%

    3. Akufo Addo Administration: 2017 – 2021 52.2% 60.6%

    More importantly, these people seem to have forgotten that we are reeling under the dire effects of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

    They assume normalcy for everything and, therefore, making these voodoo analyses at a time we are still not out of the woods.

    These media gimmicks have lost their steam in an era where people can Google and get information of yesterday within a few minutes. They better get serious as an opposition party.

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