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CAF Champions League: Five Causes of Hearts Humiliating 6:1 By WAC

We found out a lot of Hearts fans and officials complained about the referee’s performance which is quite surprising considering what usually happens when Ghanaian clubs travel to North Africa. Understanding the rules of managing referees is part of the answer.

Hearts of Oak never learned from other Ghanaian clubs who traveled to North Africa.

Hearts of Oak started the game poorly as if they had no idea of the WAC team. The players looked heavy, lethargic, and leggy in the first 20 minutes of the game.

Even a little boy will tell you that starting a game well against a North African club could be key to not conceding. Hearts opened up and were well punished like other Ghanaian clubs

Samuel Boadu and thee  Hearts board must stick with the players.

One of the key things to succeed as a club is continuity. The core of the team must be kept together and lessons must be learned. It is key to progressing as a club.

GFA must take our football seriously.

Our football has been on hiatus for some time now and that gave away the several cracks in the Hearts of Oak team.

Going forward, our league must be synchronized with the calendars of some of the best leagues in Africa to give our teams a chance of proper tests before CAF competitions.
Also, measures must be taken for the player exodus to reduce.

credit: 3kow3D

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