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    CAGD’s decision not to pay government employees who do not have a Ghana Card is unsatisfactory.

    Angel Carbonu, President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), has declared that the Controller and Accountant General’s Department’s decision to withhold the pay of government employees who do not have the Ghana Card by December 1 is clearly incorrect.

    Mr. Angel Carbonu, speaking on behalf of the multitude of labor unions opposing the order, emphasized that it is an utterly inappropriate decision that aims to deprive government workers of what is due them after all their hard work.

    He stated on Citi FM in Accra that the instruction should be revoked, adding, “We have got a letter to that effect and I must say that it is displeasing, to say the least.”

    In reality, we have a principle known as “workman compensation.” The concept asserts that once it is established that the workman has completed his task, it is the responsibility of the job’s beneficiary to reward the worker. This practice of threatening not to pay a worker if he or she does not do his or her part to push through a policy is completely unethical, and it should be stopped.”

    According to Carbonu, NAGRAT will soon engage the appropriate stakeholders to ensure that its members are not unfairly treated as a result of the directive because, “If you want all Ghanaians to register for the Ghana card, why are you threatening me with not paying my salary when it can be proven that I have done the work that I’m supposed to do?” As a result, they seek to dismiss the work that has been done on the Ghana card. They are attempting to get me to register for the Ghana Card by threatening me.

    NAGRAT would write to the Controller and Accountant Generals Department (CAGD) to tell them to cease threatening them with non-payment of wages, he said. He went on to say that while he is not opposed to all government employees receiving the Ghana Card, the manner in which the CAGD is going about it is incorrect.

    On October 12, 2021, the CAGD released a press statement announcing that government employees without a Ghana card will not be paid starting December 1, 2021.

    According to them, this move seeks to provide “quick, secure, and validated payroll services to government employees and retirees while decreasing the possibility of undeserved payments or claims.”

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