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    Cristiano Ronaldo raped case must be dismissed

    Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of raping a woman in Las Vegas in 2009 . The 36-year-old has always denied any wrong-doing in the United States .

    Prosecutors opted not to bring a criminal case against Ronaldo in 2019, saying the case could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt .

    Magistrate judge Daniel Albregts says, evidence based on leaked communications from Ronaldo’s legal team should not have been used in the case .

    A separate judge has reviewed the case before a final decision is made . The judge says if the court does not grant case-terminating sanctions, the case could have “far-reaching, dangerous consequences”

    The lawyers of the women have said he was not legally competent when he reached a non-disclosure settlement with Ronaldo over the claims in 2010 .

    Lawyers for the woman involved did not respond to a request for comment . Ronaldo’s lawyers Peter Christiansen say they are ‘pleased’ with the recommendation .

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