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Dela Coffie go Hard on NDC Personnel Malign Dr. Duffour Campaign Video.

Folks, there are many reasons to berate Dr Duffour but releasing a video that’s basically canvassing support for the NDC, is certainly not one of them.

Indeed, it takes a special kind of mental emptiness, delusion and evil from frontline NDC activists to actually hit the road, trying their hardest to malign Dr Kwabena Duffour’s video simply because he’s suspected to be habouring the desire to contest for any future NDC flagbearership.

How anybody will attempt to crucify the messenger when the subliminal message in the video speak volumes beats my mind. As a matter of fact, the one-minute-twenty-one-seconds video which features Dr. Duffuor and six other persons from all walks of life telling Ghanaians about what the NDC means to them, for me, carries the message of a Ghanaian dream.

Dr. Duffour spoke about the opportunities that were availed to him as a young man adding that he wanted Ghanaian youth to achieve the Ghanaian dream. It is not about Dr. Duffour as an individual or any presidential race but the NDC as a political party. It is about membership drive.

It is also about our young people. It is about Ghanaians. It is their future, not the past. It is about reforming the NDC to make it appealing to all and sundry and securing the people and reconciling the nation.

If some of you cannot see the wisdom in this video which is actually geared towards membership drive and increasing political participation, then you really need to pass some sort of intelligence test to remain politically conscious.

Point is, 2024 is going to be special and a potential turning point in Ghana’s history, and the NDC needs to seize the moment, to give every Ghanaian a chance to help redefine Ghana as a place for them and their children to prosper and feel safe.

I’m fully aware of the fact that there’s a large faction of activists that possess the common sense of a rock, and can’t discern some of these deep-rooted issues but everything ought to change, and the NDC needs to be ready to lead that change.

The venom and hatred that are on display at the moment must give way to critical thinking and educating ourselves to be more attentive to detail.And yes, the Duffour video is a very remarkable piece of political strategy that must be accepted by all and propagated widely for the sole benefit of the NDC. We need more of Dr. Duffours to help propel the NDC to the top.

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