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Dualizing Accra-Kumasi Highway: 8 Local Contractors Engaged For 4 Major By-Passes To Mobilize To Site By 15th June

Eight local contractors engaged by the government in 2022 for the construction of four major by-passes on the Accra-Kumasi Highway are expected to mobilize to site by 15th June 2023.

The by-passes; the 11.6Km Osino by-pass, the 6.1 Km Anyinam bypass, the 10.6Km Enyiresi by-pass and the 13.5Km; are part of the ongoing efforts by the government to dualize the Accra-Kumasi highway to reduce vehicular traffic and accidents as well as enhance the free movement of goods and people.

This was disclosed during a pre-commencement meeting held on June 1st, 2023, between the Minister of Roads and Highways, Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Attah and the contractors.

The contractors are Justmoh Construction Limited (Osino South Bound Carriageway-Lot 1), First Sky Limited (Osino North Bound Carriageway-Lot 2), Hardwick Limited (Anyinam South Bound Carriageway-Lot 3) and Nag Fairmount Co. Limited (Anyinam North Bound Carriageway-Lot 4).

The rest are Memphis Metropolitan Limited (Enyeresi South Bound Carriageway-Lot 5), Resources Access Limited (Enyeresi North Bound Carriageway -Lot 6), Joshob Construction Co. Limited (Konongo South Bound Carriageway-Lot 7) and Kofi Job Company Limited (Konogo North Bound Carriageway-Lot 8).

The Minister noted that the construction of the by-passes is a major priority of government and thanked the selected contractors for their “continuous partnership with government for the development of our nation’s infrastructure.”

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