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E/R: Pastor hospitalized after near deadly attack by “hay fever” Prophet

Pastor and founder of Bible Counsel International Church at Nuaso in Odumase Krobo in Eastern region Rev. Peter Narh has been hospitalized after a near deadly night attack by a self styled prophet alleged to be suffering from hay fever.

The suspect identified as Prophet Narh visited his colleague Pastor at his church in Nuaso on Tuesday May 3, 2023 for evening service.

Both decided to pass the night in the temple, however, the self styled prophet attacked his colleague with some implements picked around to hit the head and face of the victim multiple times leading to serious injuries with blood oozing from the mouth and ears.

He screamed for help prompting neighbors to come to his aide.The suspect however managed to escape.

The victim was rushed to St. Martins De Pores Hospital in Agormanya.

Wife of the Pastor, Mrs. Elizabeth Mamley Narh, told Starr News, the family of the suspect claim he may be suffering from hay fever but escaped from the house for some days.

She said the case has been reported to the police .

Source : Kasapafmonline.comKojo Ansah

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