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    Ghanaian artists are not serious; they can’t stand up for themselves – George Quaye

    George Quaye has criticised Ghanaian celebrities for their passive and indifferent attitude towards activities that threaten their reputation and livelihood.

    He expressed his disappointment in a Daybreak Hitz interview, stating that these celebrities fail to discourage imposters from using their fame to make money.

    Quaye gave an example of how Ghanaian celebrities did not take any action when the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and the Gaming Commission banned them from promoting alcoholic beverages and sports betting, respectively.

    He further commented that these celebrities seem lazy and unconcerned when it comes to safeguarding their brand and income.

    “I think Ghanaian artists are lazy when it comes to some things. They are lazy when it comes to things that destroy their brands or take food out of their mouths.

    “We were in this country when the FDA told Ghanaian alcoholic beverage brands to go to Nigeria.”

    He continued: “We saw it happen; brands from here went to Nigeria to get actors to advertise and they came here to play them for us. Then the Gaming Commission came with a law to ban them from promoting gaming and these artists were still quiet.”

    Moreover, Quaye pointed out that Ghanaian celebrities lack initiative and are apathetic toward issues happening around them. He predicted that even if the Ghana Water Company banned them from using tap water, they would still remain quiet.

    “Very soon, Ghana Water Company will tell them if they turn on their taps they will be banned and they will be quiet. They don’t care. Ghanaian celebrities never step up when it is really important,” he noted.

    He concluded by stating that Ghanaian celebrities rarely step up when it truly matters.

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