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    Ghanaian man drowns while rescuing neighbour’s drowning goat from deep well

    In an attempt to rescue a neighbour’s drowning goat from a well, a 35-year-old Ghanaian farmer man has died.

    It is reported that the now-deceased, Yaw Owusu was heading for his farming work when the owner of the drowning goat who happened to be his neighbour asked him to help rescue the animal.

    He and the said neighbour reportedly agreed on a fee of GHS 70 if he succeeded in rescuing the goat from the community’s well before he entered it without ascertaining the depth of the well first.

    Unfortunately, about two minutes after Owusu entered the well, the residents who were standing by could not see any sign of him. They then became suspicious that he might have drowned.

    Personnel of the Ghana Fire Service were invited to the scene and his lifeless body was retrieved from the deep well together with that of the goat he was trying to save.

    It is reported that it took three personnel to descend into the well with a ladder to trace the body of Owusu before eventually finding it.

    An official of the Ghana Fire Service told news reporters that they suspected that the victim might have smashed his head in the well based on the degree of injuries visible on his head.

    His body was handed over to the officers from the district’s police station for investigation

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