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    Gomoa Pomadze Chief Shames Nyamful Krampa Over False Claims Against Afenyo-Markin.

    The chief of Gomoa Pomadze, has debunked assertions that the Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin, does not engage with Nananom before he undertakes projects on Gomoa Pomadze lands.

    In an interview with MyAbclive following an allegation by Obrempong Nyamful Krampah, Omanhene of Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Council, to the effect that the Deputy Majority Leader does not consult him when undertaking any developmental project within the GomoaPomadze area inhabited by the people of Effutu, the chief who is the rightful owner of the lands under contention said that the assertions by Obrempon Nyamful Krampa could only be a figment of his own imagination.

    “I am the chief of the said lands, and it is important to emphasize that at no point has Honourable Afenyo-Markin undertaken any project without consulting me. There hasn’t been a single project he has done without my knowledge” he said.

    He continued, “Afenyo-Markin comes to me and my elders anytime he wants to build a project. Ask yourself how he would have acquired the lands for all these beautiful projects if he doesn’t come to us? We are much grateful to him for the numerous developmental projects he has brought into our land”The chief went on to appeal to the general public to ignore the press event Obrempon Nyamful Krampa held with those wild allegations against the Effutu MP.

    “Let me reiterate this point, whatever the chief of Gomoa Ajumako said is not true. I am the chief of these lands he talked about and I can authoritatively tell you that Honourable Afenyo-Markin consults me on anything he brings to my land.

    He deserves commendations, not castigations” he said.The chief of Pomadze used the opportunity to appeal to the youth not to allow themselves to be used by Obrempon Nyamful; “To the youth, let me advise you.

    Never allow yourselves to be used or misled by Nyamful Krampa. He is just using you to achieve a tendentious motive which would not inure to your benefit but he and his household”.

    It would be recalled that Obrempon Nyamful Krampa, Omanhene of Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Council was on some radio stations creating the impression that the Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, has disrespected him and at the same time flouting the orders of the court by understanding developmental projects in Winneba Junction, New Winneba and Pomadze without engaging them.

    Nana Okutupong Apata Kofi, the chief of Gomoa Pomadze, has set the records straight, stating that indeed the Effutu Member of Parliament, Alexander Afenyo-Markin consults him on every project he undertakes in his area.

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