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Government should include traditional medicine in NHIA medicine list-Dr. Kojo Bismarck

The CEO of Nsenkyerene Herbal Centre, Mankessim, Dr. Kojo Bismarck, has hinted that his greatest fear as a traditional medicine practitioner was when he had not registered with the food and drugs authority.

“When I started funds to register ¹ drugs was a challenge, the beginning of everything is difficult, but when I got the authorization I enjoy working.

Dr. Bismarck addressing the media on the need for government to include traditional medicine on the National Health Insurance medicine list, he indicated that this is the only way to ensures total health care for Ghanaians.

According to him, aside the fact that some diseases can not be cured by orthodox medicines they are also expensive, hence lot of Ghanaians rely on traditional medicine for treatment.

“If traditional medicine treatment is covered by NHIA, it will reduce cost of treatment, whilst Ghanaians will also have an alternative source of treatment for diseases orthodox medicines could not cure”, he described the healing of an HIV patient as his most joyous moment as a traditional medicine practitioner”, he stressed.

He described the attitude of some elderly professionals refusing to impart their knowledge to upcoming ones as wickedness, adding that some young people in their quest to quickly make money rush into practice with the little they have learnt without completing their training.

He advised that it is always good to impart knowledge to future generations.

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