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    Habiba Sinare sues Saajida Shiraz for GH5M over defamation of character

    Ghana Actress Habiba Sinare has sued a certain lady known as Saajida Shiraz for GH5 million over defamation of character.

    In a court document that has surfaced online, Saajida Shiraz has been served a writ of summon to appear in court to defend herself.

    Saajida Shiraz, known as a woman empowerment advocate among her peers, is said to have hurled insults at the actress over an interview she granted a TV channel about her marriage, career and lifestyle

    According to reports, after Habiba’s interview, Saajida, who identified herself as a relative to Habiba’s ex-husband, took to Facebook and used unprintable words with wild allegations to lambast the actress for expressing her views on why her marriage ended.

    The allegations by Saajida on Facebook, which has also been described as cyberbullying, pushed Miss Sinare to seek justice from the law court. She is said to be demanding a public apology from Saajida, a restraining order to stop Saajida from bullying her online, GH5 million for legal costs and defamation of character.

    The outspoken actress who doubles as an award-winning Producer has not commented on the suit publicly yet.

    Habiba Sinare is also a Serial Entrepreneur Philanthropist and daughter of NDC bigwig, Alhaji Said Sinare, who is a former Ghana Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has been featured in movies like Kadara, Hankuri, A Day Like October, and Candy’s Girls among others.

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