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Monday, December 4, 2023
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    Hazard’s time is over in Madrid. News is recent days are not positive at all to say the least

    Carlo’s comments that Hazard’s absence is mainly due to his choices rather than his injuries is brutally honest and it is very understandable.

    Vinicius is working really hard and for the 4th season in a row he’s the undisputed starter in the left flank so why would any manager leave out Vini for Hazard who is not even a shadow of his former self?

    On top of all that, ABC reported today that the club doctors informed Carlo Hazard is not able to play two consecutive matches and that Hazard is affected psychologically from the situation.

    This is all going wrong and it seems his injuries aren’t healing at all, the only healthy way would be for Carlo to use Hazard as a rotational player to keep his floored market value at least alive then sell him in the summer.

    Some dreams turn into nightmares. This situation is hurting both parties and need to be resolved soon.

    Source|osimpamfm.com|Mercy Nyarkoh-Mensah

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