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“I will help you remove cattle ranches’-Stephen Asamoah Boateng

The Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Mr. Stephen Asamoah Boateng has assured chiefs and people of Effutu, of his commitment to ensure the removal of unauthorized cattle ranchers who have settled close to the reserved forest for deer hunting.

This year’s festival which was on the theme, “Your Participation makes a Difference for Development’, attracted a lot of visitors from all walks of life, home and abroad.

According to the Minister, the presence of such persons and the failure or refusal of authorized agencies to act leaves much to be desired, hence, should be questioned.

Mr. Asamoah Boateng, was responding to a concern raised by the Paramount Chief of Effutu Traditional Council, at this year’s Aboakyir Durbar of chiefs and people.

“Where are the government institutions tasked with these responsibilities, we need to preserve the culture of our ancestors for the youth, who currently don’t know anything about Ghana’s culture, ‘it is because they are being influenced by foreign culture, due to their addiction to social media’, he stressed.

He maintained that the reason behind our forefathers forbidden fishing and farming on Tuesdays, was to allow for regeneration, adding that government decision to observe a close season in the fishing industry was met with strong opposition, describing it as unfortunate, ” you vote for a government with a mandate to rule, take decisions in the interest of the country, but, how can the country progress if you speak against any decision of government.

“Statistics available indicate that this exercise yielded good results’, he added.

He appealed to Ghanaians to exercise patience in criticizing government policies and programs, but take time to consult and ask questions.

The Chieftaincy Minister hinted that consultations are ongoing to consider a review of the Chieftaincy Act, to help give back some lost powers to the Traditional Authorities, to help address some decline of Ghanaian culture for foreign ones, such as gays and lesbians, adding that it is something he does not support hence, will put the proposal before parliament for consideration.

Saying, ” it is time local government becomes the center of development and not Central Government’, adding, Central government has it’s own limitations, governance is a shared responsibility, but was disappointed that it has rather become individualistic, hence, called on Ghanaians to tune their minds, and have a positive outlook of things for national development.

The Paramount Chief for Effutu Traditional Area, Neenyi Ghartey VII, earlier hinted that it has been a difficult fight for the traditional council to preserve the integrity of the ramssier site reserved for religious activities, such as the hunting of the sacrificial animal
for the Aboakyir festival.

This is as a result of some encroachers taken over some potions of the land with their cattles, but state agencies refuse to act.

According to him the strength of Winneba depends on the unity and love amongst it’s people.

He appealed for a better and more spacious market with modern hygienic facilities to help protect people from diseases, spread through unhygienic environment, since the current one has over lived it’s usefulness.

“Due to the increasing number of traders, some of them are forced to sell on the streets, contaminating the foods, risking their lives and that of others’he noted.

He used the opportunity to thank government for his recent appointment as the 2nd Chancellor for the University of Education.

The Central Regional Minister, Mrs. Marygold Assan, acknowledged the importance of festivals to a country’s local economy, adding that visitors will buy food, book for accommodations, and transport which in all help in putting monies in the pocket of people.

She expressed her appreciation to the various Asafo company for a successful and peaceful celebration.

The Tuafo Asafo No.1 company with the white attire made the first catch.

Raymond Kweku Suronipa Kwofie

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