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    Iñaki Williams : “I’m grateful to where I grew and became who I am

    Iñaki Williams, Spanish born Ghanaian descendant and Athletic Club player has express his gratefulness to the land which beard him, although he has been convince by most Ghanaian coach, but he still stand to where where he is born and grew.

    Iñaki Williams : “I’m grateful to where I grew and became who I am. Ghana tried to convince me, but I was born in Spain, in Bilbao”.

    Junior brother of Inaki Williams, Nico Williams makes Athletic Bilbao debut  - The Ghana Guardian News

    In his speech, he made a revelation about how his family get to Spain by land, and with that he will never for get his root.

    He also said, playing for the Ghanaian nation team is not a bad achievement but he will not do so.

    In addition, He also said, although, having some part of his root been a Ghanaian does not make him 100% Ghanaian and with that, he is not pleased to play for the Ghana nation team ”the black stars”.

    ”I won’t ever forget my family roots, but I feel Basque and can’t con anyone. I would be comfortable with Ghana, I’m sure, but I shouldn’t be there”.

    ” I don’t think it would be right to take the place of someone who really deserves to go and who feels Ghana 100%.”

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