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P.K Sarpong: Is Francis Xavier Sosu Above The Laws Of Ghana?

It is about time we disambiguated this parliamentary immunity some MPs are brandishing just to prevent the laws of the land from being applied on errant MPs.

It is as though one can use it to prevent being invited by the police when there are grounds to suspect that he or she might have been involved in some unlawful act or the other.

Francis Xavier Sosu found time to plan and execute the demonstration in Madina. In fact, he had time to lead the demonstration, for there was no parliamentary duties on the day and at the time.

He erected blockades on the road, supervised the burning of tyres which flouted the laws of the land. To the extent that a pregnant woman who was being ferried to a health centre in an ambulance was prevented from doing so because of the road blockade, the Police has no option than to invite the MP.

All these things were done without sweat, there were no parliamentary duties but when the Police extended an invitation to him, he says he can’t honour the invitation because of his parliamentary work.

It means even if he goes to church, he is doing a parliamentary work, if he is bathing, he is having a parliamentary session, if he embarks on jogging in his vicinity, he is doing a parliamentary duty! What a joke of an MP! Dampare should not relent in getting him brought to the station to be interrogated.

Such a lawless MP should not be allowed to roam around with his chest out simply because he is a legislator and the laws of the land are limited when it comes to MPs. Bagbin should stop shielding this walking lawlessness of an MP!

Source|osimpamfm.com|Richard Owusu Tawiah|P.K Sarpong

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