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JUST IN: Thief beaten to death for allegedly stealing Pastor’s Wife Bible at Church | Details

In Dunkwa Mfuom, a suspected notorious thief met a tragic end after being beaten to death for allegedly stealing GH¢500 and a bible belonging to an Adventist Pastor’s wife.

The deceased managed to enter the pastor’s house using a piece of wood as a tool for his theft. However, his ill-fated endeavor took a turn when he inadvertently left his phone behind, which led to his capture by vigilant residents.

The anger of the community manifested itself in a brutal assault, causing the deceased to suffer severe beatings that resulted in profuse bleeding from his body. Unfortunately, despite being rushed to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

To preserve the body, it has been transferred to the hospital morgue. This unfortunate incident adds to the growing number of burglary cases in Aboabo Estate, a suburb of Mfuom within the Upper Denkyira West Municipality.

Over the past few weeks, the community has witnessed a series of robberies, with five distinct incidents reported.

In interviews with this portal, concerned residents expressed their frustration and sent a stern warning to the perpetrators involved in these criminal activities.

They emphasized that the death of the thief should serve as a deterrent to others who might be planning to rob them, as the community is weary of being victimized repeatedly.

residents conveyed their exasperation, stating, “We are tired of robbers. Each and every day, we experience robbery. We work hard, and just one day, these lazy individuals come to take away everything we have earned.”

The incident has left the community shaken and desperate for a resolution to the persistent threat of burglaries.

They hope that by raising their collective voice and showcasing their resolve, they can compel potential criminals to reconsider their actions and restore a sense of security and peace to their neighborhood.

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