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    Komenda Sugar Factory: Enoch Kofi Nyarkoh write.

    Enoch Kofi Nyarkoh has question why the cost of two factory builded under one district one factor in combination is cheaper and also working assiduously, but 35million dollar factory by john mahama is still in vain.

    This has made him raised question on formal president john mahama comment that ” I’m not stupid to build a factory without raw material for its used”.

    Ekumfi Fruits Juice factory is estimated to cost $15 million. Casa De Ropa factory cost $2.7 million dollars. Together, $17.7million was spent on these two factories.

    They are producing the Juices, potato breads, potato pizza etc. They have been in operation over one year now and introducing new products.

    These two factories did not only create their own farms to feed their factories they also bought from out-growers.

    These were done before the factories were ready and commissioned. You use $35 million dollars to construct a factory.

    He also added that, its the gloss incompetents’ nature of John mahama leading to why komenda sugar factory not at used. he quizzed, ”how can you build a factory with its raw material for used, where will the raw material supply comes from” .

    You don’t have a farm neither do you have out-growers. You start reconstruction of the factory in 2014.

    You commission the factory amidst funfair in May 2016 after two years and close it up on 24th June, 2016(25 days) with the promise of opening it up again in October 2016 which never happened.

    Your explanation is, you wanted the factory to be built then later, you find a loan to plant sugarcane which the sizes will be like the tigh of human beings.

    You had 6 months before leaving office but you couldn’t get the money. Then today, we are being told that it was not a money issue but sugarcane is perishable good so there was no need planting it before the commissioning.


    And they are blaming someone for implementing their 6th form Economics?

    This one they are not happy to shout JM legacy?

    You failed to reason and you are asking why someone hasn’t reasoned for you for the past 5 years?

    How do you guys feel when you say this?

    Sugarcane takes between 16-24 months to grow. So, we are being told the raw material to feed the $35 million couldn’t have been planted along when the factory was being constructed? We have wasted $35 million and not even a box of St. Louis sugar was produced.

    And you have their pay as you go footsoldiers, defending this? NDC anakasa no you join by calling. You can never join and be active if you eyes dey.


    The Komenda Sugar Factory commissioned by John Dramani Mahama in 2016 had no changing rooms for workers, no admin. block, no water outlets, no-drip irrigation, bitumen was used for the internal roads. One toilet facility for the over 7,000 employees claimed by Sam George.

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