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Medikal calls out Citi TV over wrong report about his alleged comment about Burna Boy

Ghanaian rapper, Medikal, has lashed out at Accra-based media house, Citi TV over a false claim attributed to him.

The artist took to Twitter to criticize the media outlet for not doing their research before publishing false claims from a fake account posing as him. He lambasted the media for lacking professionalism and misleading the public.

In a tweet, Medikal said, “Some of y’all wake up in the morning, put on some cheap clothes, and spread some BS on national television without doing any research. No form or level of professionalism is exhibited here. When and where did I say this? My question is who de employ these people? Smd.”

The false publication made by the media house claimed that Medikal had asserted that Shatta Wale paved Burna Boy’s path to success and must be given the respect he deserves.

“Truth be told, it’s time to give respect. Shatta Wale paved Burna Boy’s path to success. But some folks are too proud to accept. Let’s give credit where it’s due, and show some respect!!! Without Shatta, Burna may not have had his big break,” the fake account wrote.

The ‘Ayekoo’ rapper was reacting to a tweet by the publicist of Shatta Wale, Flex Germain urging Citi TV to take down the Youtube video and apologize for the false claims that originated from an imposter account.

“Next time tell your journalists to note the difference between catfish / fake account and original account. He shouldn’t misrepresent tweets from a fake Medikal account to the original MEDIKAL and run him and Shatta Wale down like they are doing in the studios. This is ignorance of the highest level,” he posted.

However, the rapper and his bestfriend Shatta Wale have vehemently denied ever making such a statement and demanded that the media house retract its false publication.

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