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    My Church Will Not Support This Kind Of Pre-Wedding Photoshoots- Pastor Blast Soon To Be Couple

    The joy of Frank and Juliet has been curtailed after Mount Ararat Assembly of Hwidiem declined the young couple the chance to get married this November. Speaking to Juliet’s family on Thursday 26 August 2021, Pastor Abraham Nketiah said vividly that, the church will not honour the two adults a place to do their upcoming wedding and neither will he the head pastor of the Mount Ararat Assembly be ready to officiate the wedding even If it was to be organised in a different venue. The youth has no respect for God, and due to that, their wedding will not be held in the church auditorium or will I be available to officiate it, the pastor said.

    The controversy surrounding the upcoming wedding of Juliet Osei and Frank Dempah-Wusi was generated when a pre-wedding photoshoot of the soon-to-be couple was released by the two to officially announce their readiness to join their lives together as one. The picture stars Frank facing his father’s garden with his face while Juliet faces the cameraman with her face and a five-star hand covering her identity.

    The five-star hand covering Juliet’s identity simple meant I am registering my name in the family of five, Juliet interpreted. Frank is from a family of five and their family house is painted with five colours signifying the bond of the family. Frank in addition to what Juliet said of the picture, stated that Juliet’s five fingers covering her face is a call to witness that, she is about to join the five families of Hwidiem.

    I don’t see anything bad in this picture as the pastor stated but all I see is nature and two people ready to start their lives together, Mr Wusi, Frank’s father stated. There might be calls from the church not to officiate the wedding and there are still talks going on behind closed doors, but the pastor went too far with his opinions, Mr Wusi added.

    You might not like nature doesn’t mean everyone dislikes that too. I have been in talks with several ranking members of the church, and I can say that they are behind the wedding because there is nothing wrong with the picture which the pastor is fusing on. Assemblies are Juliet’s church and as tradition demands, the woman’s church is supposed to officiate and host the wedding, but if Pastor Abraham Nketiah doesn’t want to host the wedding, my church is willing to host it, Mr Wusi, the groom’s father added.

    Pastor Abraham Nketiah, the leading minister of Mount Ararat Assemblies had officially declined to host the wedding and officiating the wedding at the church’s auditorium all because of the photo which Frank released as their pre-wedding photoshoot. The pastor argued that the Bible and the teaching of Christ are against anything uncivilised and the young couple should have known better before taking such ungodly pictures.

    How can a child of God takes these kinds of pictures and brand them as pre-wedding photos, how, the pastor kept asking? 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 tells as to keep our bodies secrete because it belongs to God, a temple for that matter. They should have kept their bodies secret as the Lord sees it as his temple. My church will not support this kind of pre-wedding photoshoots, they are evil and doesn’t reflect the teachings of Christ, the pastor said.

    When 1 Samuel 16:7 was used to counter what the man of God stressed in rejecting the wedding from coming on, the pastor said I lack the spiritual interpretation on the matter and the verse at 1 Samuel doesn’t mean people should go about doing whatever they like.

    Whether God sees the heart or the flesh, Pastor Abraham Nketiah of Mount Ararat Assemblies of God still stands that, his church will not support the wedding because of the pre-wedding photoshoot. The Catholic Church of Hwidiem did not confirm anything, but from all that was gathered, the church was willing to host and officiate the wedding if the Assemblies of God pastor doesn’t change his mind.

    source /operanews

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