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My Pastor Husband Forces Me To Sleep With Our Bulldog – Ghanaian Woman Reveals

A Ghanaian woman has anonymously revealed how her ex-husband forced her to sleep with their bulldog anytime they had intercourse and recorded the act.

According to the lady, before marrying her ex-husband who was a pastor when she met him, he was dating a guy named Albert who was at Legon during that period.

But the pastor was able to convince her to dump Albert for him and later marry her.

After their wedding, they went on a honeymoon and it was only then that she got to know that her ex-husband likes anal sex.

In the write-up, the lady revealed that she refused to allow her ex-hubby to have his way with her because she was afraid of anal sex but after three days, she allowed him to penetrate her anus.

Anytime he tells him to have sex with her through her vajayjay, he will rather force her to sleep with their bulldog.

She got pregnant for the bulldog on several occasions and her husband always invited his personal doctor into the house to carry out an abortion on her.

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