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My wife fled after giving me HIV; I feel like killing myself – Husband

An HIV patient, Mr Kwame Richard, has said he sees scars all around him, as life has treated him unfairly due to a woman he fell in love with.

According to him, the woman, after infecting him with HIV, fled.

Speaking to Modohemaa Akua Sonto on Abrabo Mu Nsem, a social issues programme that airs on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30 pm on N0.1FM 105.3, he pleaded for help to regain his strength since he is scared to transmit the HIV virus to any other person.

“I loved and sacrificed my everything for my wife and she has run away from me. For over three years now, I haven’t been able to have sex since I don’t know how to confront another woman to tell her about my status before making love to her,” he said.

He said he, sometimes, feels like committing suicide, adding that the two of them have kept their positive status confidential.

He has no child, too, he said, noting that he is finding it difficult to move on with his life.

On the same programme, the manager of N0.1 FM,105.3, Lady Prophetess Obaa Sonoo, advised people to choose right partners before entering into marriages.

She said there is more life after marriage and it is not all about sex but rather about being positive and responsible.

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