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    P.K Sarpong: Obrempon Nyamful Krampa, the chief of Gomoa Ajumako is a a chief who is anti-development

    If you are looking for a chief who is anti-development, then look no further than Obrempon Nyamful Krampa, the chief of Gomoa Ajumako. This chief allows his political inclinations to take the better part of his sense of judgement.

    The NDC chief who was made the Central Regional House of Chiefs’ President by Mahama in 2016, is bent on frustrating the development of Gomoa Pomadze simply because the person behind the rapid development of the area happens to be Honourable Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin, an MP who is with the NPP.

    To the extent that he has been on air to peddle palpable falsehoods against the Deputy Majority Leader when even the said lands being developed so not fall under his jurisdiction, it should tell us his devilish intentions towards the very people he professes to be serving.

    Such chiefs should not be entertained by their subjects. His partisan mindset has blinded him so much so that he can’t see how helpful it is for the people in the Pomadze area to have these numerous social amenities being undertaken by the Effutu MP.

    We shouldn’t be so surprised about his posturing, for this is typical of NDC members. They are always thinking about themselves and their families but not the masses. Which chief in his right frame of mind would have issues with development projects going on in his area, assuming the lands belong to him in the first place?.

    The lands do not fall under his jurisdiction. He is just worried about the level of development in the area and if same continues, his party, NDC, will not win the region, thereby keeping them in opposition for four or more years.

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