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Passengers Angry At Kasoa Commercial Drivers’ Refusal To Reduce Fares

Some commercial drivers plying around Kasoa and its environs have refused to reduce the 10 percent transport fares directed by the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) following the reduction in fuel prices.

According to the drivers, they were not going to reduce transport fares because prices of engine oil, spare parts, and other vehicular services remained high on the market.

They described the situation as “worrying and pathetic”.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, they stated that they will not reduce the transport fares due to high maintenance cost.

“As we speak, the price of engine oil still remains at GHC 200, and you need to change it every one month. Price of spare parts at Abossey Okai have risen astronomically, gearbox, shaft, engine parts among others, and you will need to change these things as and when there is any fault,” a driver said.

“Fuel prices I believe will still go up, and when it does, increasing the fare again will turn to public outcry. Again, it is important that prices of goods and services on the market reduces to reflect their earning as drivers,” Kofi Mapo, another driver said.

Others said, they have not received any official communication from the central regional office of the GPRTU and therefore could not reduce the fares.

The drivers urged government to enforce the law to ensure the prices of goods and services were reduced.

Some passengers are unhappy about the drivers’ decision and expressed their displeasure.

Madam Adwoa Edmunds, a trader, questioned why drivers were quick to increase fares as soon as prices of fuel go up but refused to effect reduction when the opposite happened.

“This is heartless, the moment fuel prices go up drivers increase transport fares and so why is that fuel prices have decreased but are refusing to reduce the fares,” she lamented.

Some said the authorities must ensure that the fares were reduced to avoid clashes over transport fares.

The GPRTU on Tuesday May 16, issued a statement to drivers to reduce transport fares after fuel prices went down earlier in the week but the directive is yet to be implemented a week after, as passengers are seen arguing with drivers and their mates.

Source: GNA

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