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Monday, December 4, 2023
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    Passing The Anti-LGBTQIA+ Bill Is Not The End – P. K. Sarpong.

    Passing The Anti-LGBTQIA+ Bill Is Not The End In Itself For reasons quite strange and inexplicable, the opposition NDC members have been vigorously asking the NPP to declare its stance on the raging LGBTQIA+ discourse.

    It appears to me that to these NDC members, for people or entities to be deemed to be fully supportive of this anti-LGBTQIA+ bill, then a public statement or pronouncement of some sort ought to be made.

    We are all deadly opposed to these anti-Ghanaian tendencies and strange cultural practices some have tried over the years to yank around our necks, that point has to be reiterated. We should, however, stop deluding ourselves with the belief that such public pronouncements in themselves defeat the continuous existence of these acts.

    More importantly, the passage of this bill into law should not be seen as the watershed that marks the end of these immoral activities in the country.Some people would still hold on to these ungodly lifestyles and may practice them within the four walls of their rooms.

    It is a fact we cannot escape from. If caught, the laws would be applied.The bill if passed into law would put the fear of God into those who seek to openly desecrate our land with such abhorrent Western cultural practices.

    It may also curb the adoption of these lifestyles to the barest minimum but if we believe this law would eliminate the practice from the country completely, then we would be deceiving ourselves.

    The law must be passed, but we still have a lot to do by instilling in our children the best lifestyles to lead. The task is a herculean one and we must be prepared to embrace same lest the law or its passage becomes a white elephant eventually.

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