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    Press Conference by the NPP in the Oti Region Responding to the Political Effusions of Nana Addo Kanawo Kyedre II, the sub-chief in Nkwanta

    Nana Addo Kanawo Kyedre II, the sub-chief in Nkwanta, who is also paramount chief and spokesperson of the Oti Regional House in a visit by formal President John Mahama in his thank you tour to the Oti region.

    This has made the chief to make a statement which is now on everywhere on social media, saying the formal president is a Godsent, and he coming to save Nkwanta form underdevelopment.

    This has made the NPP in Nkwanta, based on the said statement in the video, want to make Ghanaian know the development in the constituency ever since the came to power in 2017.

    below is statement

    We have invited you here to respond to the pronouncement of one Nana Addo Kanawo Kyedre II during the campaign, disguised as thank you tour of the NDC twice defeated Presidential Candidate, John Mahama, in Nkwanta.

    In a video which has gone viral on social media, the chief, who was described as a paramount chief and spokesperson of the Oti Regional House, was seen and heard speaking like an NDC party footsoldier, eulogizing John Mahama and the NDC to the high heavens.

    Ordinarily, as a serious political party like the NPP, we would have ignored such pettiness particularly coming someone who has been consistent in engaging in NDC politics as an ardent member of the Party.

    We never expected him to say anything other than what he said. We however feel compelled to respond to him this time round because he has taken his politics beyond tolerable limit. We also want to cease the opportunity to correct some blatant falsehoods he has peddled, and to set the records straight.

    Facts are that, first of all, the chief who spoke, Nana Addo Kanawo Kyedre , is NOT a paramount chief as claimed. He is only a divisional chief within the Akyode paramountcy in Nkwanta and in fact he is the chief the people of Challa.

    Nkwanta has three ‘paramountcies’ that are all represented at the Oti Regional House of Chief, which include the Ntrobos, the Adeles and the Akyodes. So, the claim that he is a paramount chief is a palpable falsehood and should be ignored.

    Nana Kyedre doesn’t also speak for the Oti Regional House Chiefs. As we all know, the regional house of chiefs is made up of only paramount chiefs. And since he is not a paramount chief, he cannot be a member of the regional house of chiefs.

    How then can he arrogate to himself the title of spokesperson of the Oti regional house of chiefs, when clearly he is not even a member of the house of chiefs.

    He didn’t participate in the maiden conference of the Oti Regional House of chiefs that saw the election of Krachiwura, Nana Mprah Besemuna III as the President of the Oti Regional House of chiefs.

    This is because he is not a member of the regional house of chief. He is therefore an imposter who has no locus, and should accordingly be ignored.

    Secondly, his claim that John Mahama was the winner of the 2020 elections is not only laughable but also most absurd. It can also only be further evidence of his involvement in petty partisan politics, which the 1992 constitution of Ghana frowns upon, considering the fact that he is a chief, all be it a divisional chief.

    Well, as we said, for those of us who know him, we know he’s always an NDC enthusiast, and in fact, we have evidence to prove that Nana Kyedre was one of the pro-NDC chiefs, who was given a Navara Pick-up with registration number GE-6309-16 in the buildup to the 2016 general elections.

    The divisional chief is therefore only doing the bidding of his paymasters. But, of course, his agenda has failed ab-initio, because the Ghanaian people know very well, who won the 2020 general elections. John Mahama’s humiliating defeat at the 2020 polls is so clear and incontestable.

    The emphatic verdict of the 2020 elections as announced by the Independent electoral commission of Ghana, and affirmed by the Supreme Court of Ghana, has been hailed by both domestic and international election observers, as free, fair and transparent. Nana Kyedre can continue living in his world of deception.

    His age-long wish that John Mahama will be President again after 2024 so that he can be elevated into a paramount chief will never materialize. The good people of this country overwhelmingly rejected John Mahama in 2016.

    They rejected John Mahama in 2020, and will continue to reject John Mahama anyday anytime, because he has nothing good to offer the good people of this country particularly the good people of the Oti Region. Ghana has moved on.

    We have a visionary leader in President Akufo-Addo, who is focused on delivering the public good. If for nothing at all, Nana Kyedre should know that the creation of the Oti Region by the Akufo-Addo, when all governments in the past 50 years failed to listen to us, is enough for us to show appreciation to President Akufo-Addo.

    He should also know that John Mahama drove on the first ever asphaltic road in Oti constracted by President Akufo-Addo on his way to Nkwanta. Nana should tell us what his darling John Mahama and NDC did for us when they were in power. President Akufo-Addo did not only grant our 50years+ wish by giving us a separate region, he has also undertaken major developmental projects in the region.

    We can talk about roads being worked on including the Krachi town roads, Jasikan – Hohoe road,Jasikan – Dodo Pepesu road, Dambai Town roads, Nkonya Wurupong-Kwamekrom road and Nkwanta-Shiare-Chillinga road. The rest are Jasikan – Worawora road, Nkwanta – Kpassa Damanko portion of the eastern corridor project and many more. Equally, on hospitals, the Oti region alone is having at least four District hospitals in Chinderi, Kpassa and Kadjebi under government agenda 1111 including regional hospital in Dambai.

    Again, following the creation of the Oti Region, we are seeing the construction of many regional offices of government institutions here in Oti.

    We want to seize this opportunity to remind the the Ghanaian people particularly the good people of the Oti Region through your various platforms the numerous development under the presidency of H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

    They include but not limited to the:

    1. constructed Business Resources Center at Kadjebi
    2. Constructed 800 capacity boys and girls dormitory at KASEC
    3. Constructed six unit classroom block each at Dodi Papase SHS and Ahamansu SHS respectively
    4. Constructed 10 CHP zones across the Kadjebi District.
    5. Construction of Ultra modern District Assembly Complex Hall.
    6. Construction of Kpassa New Market
    7. Construction of Kpassa–Mamakura Road
    8. Construction of CHIP Compound at Obitie
    9. Completion of Kpassa Senior High Technical School Dining and Assembly Hall
    10. Construction of Ultra Modern Toilet Facilities at Sibi central, Damanko and Koni No 2
    11. Construction of 6 unit Classroom block with office at Donkor Akura.
    12. Construction of 6 unit Classroom block with office at Nyameboa.
    13. Construction of 3 unit Classroom block with office at Sibi central–JHS
    14. Construction of 6 unit Classroom block at Kpassa Senor High Technical school.
    15. Extension of Rural Electrification to Nabu.
    16. Extension of Rural Electrification to Ogando
    17. Extension of Rural Electrification to Koni No_1. and 2
    18. Construction of 20 market Sheds at Sibi
    19. Construction of 20 market Sheds at Damanko.
    20. Construction of 3 unit classroom block – Abrowankor
    21. Construction of District court- complex Chinderi
    22. Construction of CHIPS compound- Abrowanko
    23. Construction of 10 seater toilet facility at- Bejamese and Chinderi
    24. Sixteen (16) communities been connected to the National grid in nchumuru District
    25. Construction of District Chief Executive (DCE) bangalow- Chinderi
    26. Construction of 20 bed capacity female Ward- Borea No. 2
    27. Construction of market sheds- Chato Chayo and Borea No. 2
    28. Construction of borehole in five communities- Nandikrom, Korkorse, Kwameakura, Akaneim and Majimaji Beposu
    29. 29.Construction of Jasikan-Bodada road
    1. Construction of Oti Regional Education Office Complex and senior staff bungalows at Jasikan
    2. Construction of 800 bed capacity girls dormitory at Bueman SHS
    3. Construction of six until classroom block at Bueman SHS
    4. Construction of 6 classroom Block, office and store at Nsuta Ketsi
    5. Extension of rural electrification at Nsuta, Atakrom, Guaman an Jasikan all in Jasikan Municipality
    6. Building of Biakoye District Assembly complex, Nkonya Kadjebi
    7. District Court complex Bowiri – Kwamekrom
    8. District court Judge bungalow, Tapa- Abotoase
    9. 38.Abotoase market roads, Tapa-Abotoase
    1. Kwamekrom Newtown road, Bowiri – Kwamekrom
    2. Building of Oti Regional Health Directorate, and senior staff bungalows Worawora.
    3. Construction of Oti Regional High Court complex Dambai
    4. Construction of O.R.C.C office complex and senior staff bungalows at Dambai
    5. Street lighting project in the regional capital.
    6. Construction of YEA regional office complex Dambai 45.Reconstruction of Dambai Market
    7. Construction of regional offices of National Ambulance service
    8. Business Resource Center at Dambai
    9. Yam and Cassava chips processing factory at Adonkwanta
    10. Waste recycling plant at Yabram.
    11. Regional Feader roads office complex and and senior staff bagalows, Kete Krachi
    12. Drone distribution center, Krachi
    13. Connection 36 communities to the electricity grid in Krachi West Municipality.
    14. Improvement of mobile network connectivity in 6 communities in krachi west Municipality
    15. Ultramodern Police station in Ehiamankyene.
    16. Construction of Nkyenenkyene to Chantai road.
    17. Construction is 400 capacity dormitory at Nkwanta SHS
    18. Construction of classroom block an dormitory, Ntroboman SHS
    19. Regional office of Ministry of Food and Agriculture and senior staff bungalows, Nkwanta.

    We can go on and on and on. The record of President Akufo-Addo is unmatched. Nana Kyedre should open his eyes and come to terms with this reality. Oti has moved on.

    Ghana has moved on, and so, Nana should move on. Let’s all contribute our quota in supporting our Government to build a Ghana and Oti of prosperity for all.

    Thank you

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