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    Prof Kwaku Azar on Law School Failure.

    Prof. kwaku Azar has register his distasteful about what is going on at the Ghana School of Law, which over 60% student who sat for the exams failed.

    this what he wrote;

    We are not so genetically disadvantaged that we do not have enough people who are good enough to be trained to become lawyers and judges, which we badly need.

    Many of the people who we say are not good enough to be trained go elsewhere and have no difficulties qualifying.

    The problem is that we have allowed a failed and moribund monopolist, propped up by a dysfunctional regulator, to frustrate the public’s interest in having access to justice through its restrictive output practices.

    There is nothing that is done or taught at the GSL that cannot be done or taught by our Faculties, and frankly by virtual education.

    The regulator’s fear is that allowing the Faculties to train their students, as done in all other professions, will expose the comparative disadvantage of the GSL as an education provider.The issue then is not about 128, 499, 799 or even 419.

    The issue is the dangers of a monopolist, which those who wrote the Constitution properly feared and directed that “Every person shall have the right, at his own expense, to establish and maintain a private school or schools at all levels and of such categories and in accordance with such conditions as may be provided by law.

    ”The issue is the archaic bifurcation of education into an academic and “professional” component that must be taught at different places. A bifurcation that carries with it the wrong impression that academic is not professional and that professional is not academic”.

    Neither the Denning committee nor the International Advisory Committee that proposed the bifurcated model contemplated the current situation where qualified candidates are being denied the opportunity to take the qualifying examination.

    The GSL was meant to be a mere finishing school absorbing all the products from the then single law faculty and offering them practical training.Today, we know how to offer that practical training at the universities, making the GSL completely redundant.We must start acknowledging the dangers of requiring all lawyers to go through the same school and socialization.

    This time we must not just talk for a few days and move on to the next problem. We must get rid of the monopolist that has caused so many pain to people and has starved Ghanafuo of the lawyers and judges needed to protect their rights.

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