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RE: Afriyie Akoto stands no chance of winning at age 75 – Ben Ephson ~ Active Ladies of NPP

Our attention has been drawn to a viral news item published on www.ghanaweb. com concerning an interview granted by Ben Ephson on Starr FM. The news item highlights an unmeritorious comment from a personality like Ben Ephson who is supposed to know better than the political layman on the streets.

We do want to put on record that, the comments made by Ben Ephson should first of all be disregarded and considered as politically naïve and nonfactual. His argument also lacks proper research backing. The Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto remains the best candidate thus far to lead the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to break the Eight.

This has been proven nationwide by the massive support and love sincerely expressed in support of his possible candidature. Such sincere love and support for him cannot be tarnished by some misleading commentary passed by well rehearsed attention seekers such as Ben Ephson.

It should additionally be put on record that, Ben Ephson, a self acclaimed pollster and the originator of the mischief which seeks to suggest that Ghanaians will reject Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto as President of Ghana on the basis of his age has long lost credibility as the pollster he so claims to be.Recent records of his predictions, from all electoral records of the country to the international political stage have proven to be nothing but fake.

Concerning age as the grounds to write someone’s Presidential candidature down, Ben Ephson may have to revisit the archives of ages of some Presidents across the length and breadth of the globe to well acquaint himself with facts.

It should also be noted that, the ages of presidential flag bearers, as far as Ghana’s political history is concerned has never been an issue for the consideration of Ghanaian voters. Beyond this, Ghanaian and African culture equally disproves his whack assertion and or logic that Dr. Afriyie Owusu Akoto cannot perform to satisfaction as President due to his age.

In totality, we, Active Ladies of NPP do stand firm to disprove his illogical assertions against the possible candidature of the highly performed Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto. We maintain, without mincing words that, Dr. Afriyie Owusu Akoto remains the best candidate to lead NPP to victory come 2024

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