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    Soldier, wife and mother can’t be found as 40-day fasting death toll exceeds 90

    Reports suggest that a soldier, his wife and his mother, all of whom are members of the Kenyan pastor, Paul Makenzi’s Good News International Church might be among the over 90 people who have died while embarking on a 40-day fasting to meet Jesus

    According to tuko.co.ke, the General Service Unit (GSU) officer who worked in Nairobi and his family are among those missing as the exhumation of bodies entered its sixth day today.

    Currently, a multi-agency team of rescuers has been camping at pastor Paul Mackenzie’s land in Kilifi in search of his followers who have been starving themselves to death.

    Isaac Ngala, 36 reportedly quit his military job to join Mackenzie’s church between 2019 and 2020 together with his wife, Emily Wanja, 25.

    Emily’s sister, Winnie Wanje recounted how the soldier decided to stop working and convinced his wife that God hates working.

    “He served as a GSU police officer in Nairobi and then suddenly left his employment without resigning and joined the church. He then convinced his wife to join the church by telling her that working was ungodly,” she is quoted to have said.

    “The two are among many people who are missing. We were shocked when we established that the bodies of my sister’s two children had been exhumed.”

    Ngala, after quitting the military job, relocated with his family to live on a piece of land that pastor Mackenzie donated to them.

    During the fasting, as people were dying out of hunger, Emily’s father-in-law reportedly managed to escape from the forest on March 15 to disclose the happenings, compelling their family members to storm the forest to rescue them.

    However, they only managed to rescue the couple’s eight-year-old son, who was on the brink of death after going for days without food, tuko.co.ke reports.

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