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Sylvester Tetteh: Why should we approve this stupidity.

Honorable Sylvester Tetteh, member of parliament for Bortianor Amanfrom constituency is making a stronger case for the passage on the anti-LGBTQIA+ bill by Parliamentarian.

He asks questions which are very potent and thought-provoking.

He brought out several scenarios to buttress his stance, which endorse why people are saying those acts are act of stupidity.

He asks that if tomorrow someone wakes up to say he wants to get married to a dog or tree, would that person be deemed to have committed a crime since it would be his right?

He brings in incest and asks that should siblings decide to say they have a right to remain as lovers, would the long arm of the law go after them since it would be against their rights?

Human rights must be culturally specific. The culture of a people must be considered as their rights but not some strange, foreign ideologies and immoral acts.

CDD’s own survey indicates that over 90% of Ghanaians are dead against LGBTQIA+ activities.

It is strange that some of its leadership are purveyors of this campaign against the criminalization of LGBTQIA+

by: P.K. Sarpong

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