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    The disrespect shown to Torgbui Fiti V by President Nana Addo is a disrespect to the people of the Volta Region.

    The NDC in the Volta Region has noted with shock the retort of the president, in condescending, rude and disrespectful manner to the venerable Chief Torgbui Adzonugaga Amenya Fiti V who was only seeking the completion of an abandoned E-Block within his Traditional Area.

    This project is to enable his subjects have access to quality education to enable them contribute more meaningfully to the development aspirations of not only his traditional area but Ghana as a whole.

    We believe our chiefs regardless of which part of the country they exercise their traditional authority, need to be treated with exemplary respect.

    The President, who is the first gentlemen of the land, should not be the one leading the charge in denigrating the chieftaincy institution of Ghana as he has done with respect to the humble request by Togbi Fiti V.

    It will be recalled that, the NPP National Chairman, Mr Freddie Blay, once referred to Togbe Afede XIV as a palm tapper.

    Neither the NPP as a party, nor the President came out to condemn such an unprovoked attack on the chieftaincy institution and the person of Togbe Afede XIV.

    We demand a retraction and apology from the President for his condescending comments, as proof that he regrets his comment and as show of exemplary leadership.


    The president Nana Addo yesterday on peace fm kokroko hosted by kwame sefa kane was asked about E-Block projects started by John Dramani Mahama. particularly the on in Afloa, to which the chief it the are has given the minister of Education 2months to complete it.

    The president in reply in a funny way, asked the chief to complete the project, if he is frustrated.

    credit: peacefmonline.com

    Source: osimpamfm.com

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