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    The Recent Arrest By The National Lottery Authority Is A Treat To National Security – Justice Yeboah.

    The National Communication Member ,NDC, Justice Yeboah has cautioned the National Lottery Authority to stop illegal arrest.

    According to him, the management of National Lottery Authority (NLA) under Samuel Awuku is perpetuating acts of illegality in relation to the licencing of the Operators of Private Lotto (OPL) popularly known as “Banker-to-Banker lottery operations.

    Under the act 722, the National Lottery Authority (NLA) is only mandated to license Lotto Marketing Companies and not Banker-to-Banker Lotto Operators/Agents/writers.

    He added that, All Private Lotto Operators, Agents and Writers are supposed to be licensed under Act 844 regulated by Act 722.
    Private Lotto Operators, Agents and Writers cannot be directly licensed under Act 722. It is only Lotto Marketing Companies which can be licensed directly under Act 722.

    Samuel Awuku should educate himself properly with the laws and existing contracts of Banker-to-Banker Lotto Operators.

    The National Lottery Authority (NLA) under the National Lotto Act 2006 (Act 722) are supposed to issue coupons to Lotto Marketing Companies to sell in exchange of Lotto Commission which is currently at 20%.

    How practically possible for the National Lottery Authority (NLA) to compete with the private sector Lotto Operators across Ghana when NLA has woefully failed to reform the Lotto business to make it attractive to the staking public?

    The poor Commission of 20% to the lotto marketing companies has compelled majority of the Lotto Companies to sell for the Banker-to-Banker Lotto Operators to attract a Commission of between 30%-40%.

    The NLA is incompetent to monopolize the operations of Lottery in Ghana.

    The recent arrest by the National Lottery Authority is a threat to national security and has the tendency to create unemployment situation in the country.

    He urged the Ministry of Finance led by Hon. Ken Ofori Atta and the National Lottery Authority headed by Mr. Samuel Awuku to create and enable environment for the lottery industry to sustain the various jobs which has been created by the Operators of Private Lotto.

    Source|osimpamfm.com|Richard Owusu Tawiah

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