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UE/R: 500 Youth vow to take action against 2 mining companies over employment failure in Talensi

UE/R: 500 Youth vow to take action against 2 mining companies over employment failure in Talensi

Over 500 youth in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region have vowed to take action against two mining companies that have failed to employ them despite operating in the area for close to ten years.

The youth that have formed a coalition dubbed Talensi Youth Group, on Sunday 9th, 2023 issued a presser warning the two mining companies, Earl International Gold Limited and Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited to either rescind their actions or face their fury.

Mr. Richard Yondol who read the presser on behalf of the members indicated that they were aware of the companies’ diabolic attitudes of denying them jobs and hence were ready to resist such policies.

“We are aware of their diabolic attitude of denying both our youth jobs in the name of lacking experiencing and local contractors the opportunity to work with. We Shall resist companies whose corporate policies are not in support of our human capital development. We are aware of Cardinal Mining clearing parts of our land without proper consultations and compensations to the immediate impact communities and their apologise thereafter.”

He stressed further that “We will not sit aloft for mining companies to take ‘Talenteng’ Youth for granted, we hereby call on the government, the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, the Mineral Commission, the Talensi District Assembly, the Talensi Traditional Council, and Opinion leaders of Talenteng to as a matter of urgency call on the investors to do what is right in law and in good practice to ensure Talenteng and for that matter the Youth are gainful employed in the mines otherwise no meaningful activity of theirs will be undertaken.”

He also called on the two mining companies to stop issuing directives that one should have five to ten years working experience before one can be employed.

“The issue of 5 to 10 years working experience before one can be employed is a bogus. As landlords, we want priority and protocols to be solely exercised for the immediate impact communities.”

Meanwhile the youth have also called on the public to stop ridiculing the name of their paramount chief, Togoran Kugbilsong Nalebigtang.

“We want to strongly condemn the actions of some persons or group of persons who are irrelevance in decision making in the Region to desist from their malicious and selfish interest and stop attacking Prominent persons in society. Any attempt to bring the good name of our overlord into disrepute will not yield any results. We want to state clearly that we stand solidly with our Traditional Council and its President, Togoran, Kugbilsong Nalebigtang for the development of Talenteng and its Youth.

We further state that our Tindanam and Chiefs are custodians of our land and the people therein discharges their duties in honesty and in justice.”

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