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We are Prepared for Your stay – Hon. Alexander Markin.

This is the second time in three months to be with us in winneba, some of us were with us in the outgone delocalized Ecowas meeting.

”I’m pleased with the president of the republic of Ghana and the chairman of the Ecowas sub-region, his excellency Nana Akufo Addo, your excellency am pleased to welcome you to the first Ecowas parliament meeting, held beyond the capitals of the various sub-region.

I’m grateful to see you all here, and welcome you to winneba, we have prepared for your stay”.

Hon. alexander Afenyo Markin all stress on the need of this Ecowas parliament meeting with theme, which is to help promote democracy and peaceful co-existence in the sub-region. the team for this meeting was;

”Two decade of democratic election in the Ecowas sub-region, achievement and the way forward, held in effutu constituency, winneba”.

”This seminar is not to only help the growth of the sub-region but rather Africa as a whole. ” over the past two decade we have placed much value on successful democracy in most African state and working together to achieve more, we have score most significant”

He also talked about the power rending in the sub-region in various part, which has lead to poverty, disease, lost of human life and economic stagnation.

”Over the past our states where unsecure, but now we are quite secure and in proper progression. Regular election are held, which has help improve our education and health system”.

I have to outline and address that, without democracy all these achievement we are enjoying would not have been reached as community and as state.

There are still some difficult which must be address in the sub-region, the recent occurrence in Mali and Guinea provided more reason why ecowas need to meet and discuss the way forward in the sub-region.

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