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    We Are Tired of Military Dictatorship in the Sub-region – Hon. Markin.

    Alexander Afenyo-Markin, a Member of Parliament representing Effutu, said the accusations leveled at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) were to be expected.

    People in the subregion are tired of military takeovers, according to a member of the ECOWAS Parliament, and they demand proactive ways to deal with situations that lead to coups in the region.

    After members of Guinea’s military forces took power and arrested President Alpha Conde, ECOWAS came under fire.

    Professor Vladimir Antwi-Danso, Dean of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, warned that imposing regulations on countries after coups is not helping but rather punishing citizens.

    According to Prof. Antwi Danso ECOWAS and the African Union have become reactive anytime there is an overthrow of the government .

    Speaking on the Sunrise morning show with host Alfred Ocansey on 3FM 92.7, Prof Vladimir Antwi Danso said We sit down for this to happen. Can we have something else to make sure these things do not happen at all.

    “Imposing these protocols has never aided anyone anywhere in the world. We disregard the country, claiming that we don’t recognize it and, in fact, punishing its citizens. They didn’t have access to their own money in Mali, for example. We should change it so that we may tell senior members when they are doing things that would cause problems. Yes, the regulations are clear: we won’t recognize you if there is a forced takeover, but punishing them excessively worsens the situation. We should make certain that civilian rule is in place.”

    Commenting on this, Mr Afenyo Markin who is also Deputy Majority Leader in Parliament said “The issue of backlash, you should expect it. We are tired of military dictatorship and at the same time we expect some proactive steps being taken by leadership and for that matter the sub regional body, ECOWAS.

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