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Winneba- Afenyo Markin launches 2023,Best Teacher Awards

Afenyo Markin launches 2023,Best Teacher Awards

The decline in the educational sector in the Effutu Municipality and the country at large has been attributed partly to parental neglect.

The Member of Parliament for Effutu Constituency, and Deputy Majority Leader of Parliament made the observation today at the launch of 2023 Best Teacher Awards, where he donated an amount of Ghc 200,000.

According to him pupils spends more hours with their parents than their teachers, hence, it is incumbent upon parents to encourage their wards to use the community library provided than spending their time on social media which is destroying the youth today, adding, “if nothing is than about it, the country may have no future.

“Because of Social Media Media, pupils are not learning and they been exposed to drugs, alcohol, sex and others hence, there is the need to rise up’ he stressed.

Hon. Markin noted, despite his contribution in the supply of laptops to teachers, libraries, school blocks and others and the contribution of teachers if parents fail to play their roles, all these contributions will be wasted.

The Effutu Municipal Director of Education, Mrs. Judith Michael appreciating the effort of teachers in the municipality emphasized that had it not being their efforts some of these children would have been drunkards, drug addicts and the likes.

She acknowledged that, even though the equation of performance as against resources provided by the MP is not balancing, she was of the believe that teachers in the municipality will go the extra mile to promote education in the region.

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