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You are still in agony over the second defeat … P.K Sarpong

The formal president John Dramani Mahama in his thank you tour on Wednesday in the western region made a comment on the out gone 2020 parliamentary and presidential election.

”Ghana not like other nation who do print their ballot paper out the country, in Ghana we do the printing here, in the last day of the printing and distribution of the ballot paper, the electoral commission told us that they are done with the print so all party representative are done working with”.

”In the quest for our representative to walk out they saw over one million ballot paper which was already thump printed, with their indication as that of original. they asked and the answer given was out sensed”.

”The electoral commission printed and thump printed over one million votes for the incumbent president”. This statement were made in his session with some chiefs in the western region”.

This has made a journalist and Social Commentator, Mr. P.K Sarpong to reply the formal president.

This what he wrote:

I am tempted to believe that when the concept of logic was very prominent in schools during your time, you either shunned the subject or found it challenging coping with it.

The two scenarios above befits the kind of confused state you seem to have immersed yourself in.

The more I think about it, the more it occurs to me and I am convinced that you have not overcome the devastating loss you suffered in the 2020 elections.

You are still in agony over the second defeat you suffered in the hands of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Ever since the 2020 elections’ results were declared, you have been struggling to come to terms with the fact that you were genuinely beaten fairly and squarely, and have been going about assigning reasons for same, most of them extremely conflicting.

First of all, you attributed your defeat to a supposed collusion between the ruling New Patriotic Party and the Electoral Commission.

You said Jean Mensa and her charges had teamed up with the NPP to rig the elections for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

You petitioned the Supreme Court, claiming the elections were rigged and, therefore, had to suffer some setbacks by way of a re-run of the presidential polls.

You failed to adduce a single evidence to support your claims in court. Since the onus lied on you to supply the needed evidence to aid in your case, the Supreme Court was left with no choice but to throw you out.

Along the line, you attributed your defeat to illiterate polling agents who were selected to man the various polling stations on the day of the elections.

You also said that your party leadership failed you during the elections as the party didn’t seem to be adequately prepared for the 2020 elections.

Later, you said the NPP won the elections through violence. You would go ahead to propose that elections 2024 would be a do or die affair, a comment that sent a barrage of flak your way, and as I type, you are still reeling from that faux pas.

Now you are saying that the Electoral Commission thumbprinted a million ballots into the ballot boxes for the NPP to win the elections! With this ‘compelling’ evidence, one would have expected that you’d present same in the Supreme Court during the petition.

If you were logically sound as you’d want us to believe, why didn’t you present this so-called information and evidence to support your case in the Supreme Court? Your latest claim is incongruous to logical reasoning, Sir.

A class two child can easily piece your statements together and arrive at the conclusion that you are a confused soul who is bent to use fair or foul means to come back to power.

My piece of advice to you is this, revisit your books on logical reasoning, they may come in handy the next time you attempt to make such a ludicrous statement.

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